Want More Curling?

This is part 5 and the final article of the New Member's Guide, a series of articles that help prepare new club members for their first season.

Can't get enough curling? There are many ways you can curl more outside of your regular league games and meet other curlers.


A bonspiel is like a tournament. It is a multi-day event with much socializing and curling going on. A bonspiel is a great way to get a lot of practice in, because you’ll play multiple games (usually a minimum of 3) over a couple of days, rather than stretched out over multiple weeks.

Most bonspiels have a theme, and some have different structures. You will find that some bonspiels are more competitive than others, and some are mostly social. You can find information and dates for upcoming bonspiels on the Bonspiels page on the club website. However, there are a few of particular interest:

  • Monster Mash bonspiel
  • – a Halloween themed bonspiel, with a Saturday night costume contest and party, and so much fun!
  • Craft Brew Superspiel
  • – curling, cash prizes, and craft beers? Yes please! Our first edition of this spiel brought in players from all over BC, with some travelling from as far as Alberta and Seattle, and promises to do the same in the future.
  • Spring Fling bonspiel
  • – our season-ending bonspiel, with a novice division so you can get a team of your curling friends together and play against other new-ish curlers for prizes and glory!
If you are interested in playing in a bonspiel, often teams are looking for extra players to fill in a spot. You can ask around the club, sign up as a single player on the bonspiel sign up sheet, or email our manager at manager@nanaimocurlingclub.ca to see if she knows of a team that needs a player.

As you get more experienced, some players form teams to compete in bonspiels at other clubs on the island, on the mainland, and all around the world. This is a great way to experience curling outside of Nanaimo and meet fellow curlers from across the country or internationally.

Practice Ice

As mentioned before, practice ice times are marked on the Club Calendar.

Now that you have met your teammates, ask if any of them are interested in practicing with you during one of these times. If not, there are usually other friendly curlers at practice ice who are more than happy to give you some tips on how to improve. This is also a great place to meet more people around the club.


People get sick, work runs overtime just like a curling match, and sometimes people (shockingly) choose to do things other than curling on a curling night. Each league has a spare list and teams often need spares last minute. If you want to get more curling, being a spare helps out another team and gets you extra practice in a real game. To sign yourself up for the spare list, please contact our manager at manager@nanaimocurlingclub.ca with a list of the leagues you would like to spare for. Please note that there is a small fee each time you play as a spare..


Another good way to network at the club is through volunteering. A lot of the work around the club is done by volunteers, and we are only as strong as our volunteers. People often say that some of the best times occur when volunteering. It is never too early/late to start!

Even if you are brand new to the club, there are plenty of ways you can get involved!

  • Help out with a bonspiel

  • Help to organize / run a championship event

  • Help with house and building projects

  • Sell raffle tickets

  • Work on club technology projects
What’s your expertise? Let us know and we’ll connect you with something that fits your skills and interest.

Please email our manager at manager@nanaimocurlingclub.ca for opportunities to help.


Most of all, curling is a social activity. The club is here to facilitate and promote the sport of curling, but also to be a social gathering place for people to meet, make friends, have fun, and socialize. To that end, feel free to introduce yourself to other members, get to know people, and make yourself comfortable. You’ll find that the curling community is warm and welcoming, and stretches worldwide. You could be in any part of the world and if you see a curling club, you can walk in and say “Hi! I’m a curler” and you’ll be ushered in and shown around just as if you were a member of that club. You might even be lucky enough to be invited to play a game!

This is the end of the New Member's Guide series. Want to talk more like a curler? Please check out the Curling Glossary. Thank you for taking the time to read through this New Member's Guide. We hope it has been useful to you. Please send any feedback to our manager at manager@nanaimocurlingclub.ca, and thanks again!