Top of the House Lounge Pre-Order

We will have your drinks ready when you come off of the ice! Or sit down at your table and order from the QR code using your phone and have your order delivered to your table! Either way, we will be happy to serve YOU!

GO ONLINE AHEAD OF YOUR GAME: Click the link below and order from the online site. Choose your items and check-out. Save your information for easy log in the next time by clicking the "save information" option. (If you have ordered from us on Square prior, please give the system a moment to respond after you input your email address) Next time you order, you only need to enter your email address and Square will send you a text code to access your saved information. You can discard the information any time by choosing that option at the bottom of the checkout screen. Choose the date and time for your order to be prepared. Your drinks will be ready at the bar for you to pick-up at your designated time!

ORDER FROM YOUR TABLE: No need to line-up at the bar. Use the QR code at your table and order using your phone. Your drinks will be delivered to your table when ready.

WAIT IN LINE: Arrive at the bar and choose a table. Use the physical distancing markers to line-up for bar service. If all circles are full, please wait at your table for one to open up. If choosing this option, please try to coordinate one member of your team to order for everyone on your team.