Top of the House Lounge Pre-Order

We're trying something new. We've built an online store so teams or individuals can pre-order their beverages from the Top of the House Lounge and have them ready at a table when they get off the ice from their game.

We will fulfill online ORDERS RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE BUZZER going for your league play. Orders will be delivered to a table and your name attached so they are ready when you arrive off of the ice. It would be best to place a team order or, if ordering individually, put your team name in the seller notes on your order so the drinks can be placed together on one table.

Be sure to choose to schedule delivery and input the correct date and time for delivery of your order to help our staff better serve you.

This is new so there may be some bugs that we will work out. We hope this alleviates the big line-ups at the bar when a whole league gets off the ice at the same time. Thank you for trying this new service out!!