Are you ready to start curling? We here at the NCC are rarin’ to go! Your league reps have been hard at work finalizing our club calendar and registration details for the 2021-22 curling season. Information for each league and the registration link can be found on the NCC website at:
Before you register be sure to review the NCC What to Expect 2021 document here so you know what our club protocols will be.

The Refund policy for this season is a full refund of league fees only, upon request, for games not played if the club has to shutdown for any reason due to the pandemic. REGISTER FOR 3 OR MORE LEAGUES AND RECEIVE A $50 NCC GIFT CERTIFICATE!

A few tips while using the registration system:

  1. Only register ONE PERSON per account. You must create a separate account for each participant.

  2. If you have used our system prior, entering your email address at checkout may prompt a text message to your phone to confirm your access to your prior information. Be patient and use the access code as this will save time and hassles.

  3. Check with your league rep if you have any questions about getting on a team or into a league.

  4. Make sure you add the Social Fee for your league if it is applicable.

  5. The $60 SHIPPING FEE that is added at checkout is for our Club Affiliation fee of $20 for Curl BC and Curling Canada and our club Capital Reserve fee of $40. If you are registering for more than one league, place all your leagues on one order to avoid being double charged the Club Affiliation and Capital Reserve Fee. (We will process a refund if this does happen.)

  6. If you have any anomalies such as five-person team in a four-person league, etc. please call in or come visit us at the office to process your registration. You will need the names of all team members.

  7. If you want access to a locker this season, please add it to your order.

  8. Preferred Members use the COUPON Code during checkout that was sent to you by email to receive your discount.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, please contact the office and we can assist you with your registration. Check out the NCC CALENDAR for Pro Shop hours at:


Our ice is almost ready to curl! The ice crew have been hard at work preparing for a new season of curling. We want to ensure all our members have time to get some practice in before returning to league play. The club calendar contains dates and times so please have a look at the schedule before making your way to the club:

YOU MUST BE REGISTERED IN A LEAGUE OR PROGRAM AT THE NCC TO ACCESS PRACTICE ICE. There is no fee for practice ice and it is first come/first serve. You are welcome to wait in the lobby if all sheets are full when you arrive. Please sign in at the table immediately upon entering the facility. Staff will ask to confirm your vaccination status in the lobby before you are permitted on the ice surface. Masks are mandatory in all areas of the club with the exception of the ice surface and while seated at a table in the café or lounge, where masks are strongly recommended.

We have a new Head Ice Technician this season in Daryl. He has had a steep learning curve with Darren’s retirement but has risen to the challenge exceptionally well. He is training two new ice technician’s, Zach and Jayvee. Stephen is also returning for his last season with the club and assisting with training the new techs. If you have items for the ice techs attention, please give them your feedback in a positive way so we can encourage them to improve for the benefit of our club. Email if you have any comments or suggestions if you don’t see the ice techs personally or wish to pass something along to management. Thank you for everyone’s consideration as our staff get comfortable with their new tasks and expand their skills.

We look forward to welcoming our members back to the club and hope we can confirm our member’s vaccination status prior to their first league games. GOOD CURLING!