Has been added to your club calendar.  Practice ice is subject to the Return to Curling guidelines.. Please visit the calendar link above to find available practice ice times.  Practice Ice is for curlers who have registered in one of the NCC leagues or programs and PAID THEIR DUES.  NCC curlers may bring a friend or group of friends for one ice session to introduce them to curling during practice ice times and we encourage this to promote the sport of curling and increase our membership.

If you are NOT REGISTERED IN A LEAGUE OR PROGRAM, you may access practice ice in three ways:

1. Pay the Drop-in rates: 

a.        $15 for one person/session

b.       $25 for two persons or sessions

c.       $35 for three persons or sessions

d.       $40 for four persons or sessions


2.      Register with the club and contribute to the Capital Reserve Fund of $40 and, if not a registered curler with Curl BC, pay this fee of $20. (You may have paid this at another club so show us your receipt if that is the case.)  You can then access practice ice for a $10 per person/session Drop-in rate.

3.  Unlimited Practice Ice - Register with the club for $236.25 and access practice ice at any scheduled sessions for the entire season. Access only applicable to one participant.   (Junior/Student curlers pay $141.75 per person) 


Please register with the office at 250-753-3474 or

ALL PRACTICE ICE IS FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE and we encourage participants to share the ice if the sheets are full.



The spare fee policy for the NCC is as follows: 

$15 for curlers with no NCC affiliation

$10 for curlers registered with one NCC league

$0 for curlers registered in two or more NCC leagues

   -  curlers sparing more than three times are required to pay club affiliation and capital reserve fee of $60.