PICK 20-DRAW 10 RAFFLE RAISES $1,400 for the NCC



As our members are aware, NCC is facing a decline in revenues due to the coronavirus pandemic precautions and restrictions. We are hosting a second online draw as the first was so successful because of our members and friends and family supporting the club. All proceeds from the draw will be utilized to help fund eligible operating expenses of NCC. Tickets are available online. To enter, you must be 19 or older, and you must be a resident of BC and transact your purchase in BC. Watch our Facebook page for prize pool updates, and a live broadcast of the prize drawing at 3 pm each Wednesday until May 5, 2021.

  1. The Pick 20 - Draw 10 Percentage Draw Raffle will be open to the public. Tickets can be purchased online on the NCC website or Faceboook page until 2 PM on draw dates.

  2. Tickets cost $5.00 per ticket, no refunds. You may purchase more than one ticket but you must be 19 years or older and a resident of BC in order to purchase tickets.

  3. All tickets are numbered and have matching stubs. You may purchase any number of tickets but they are only valid for the next scheduled weekly Draw Date.

  4. Sales for each draw will begin after each weekly draw is finalized with the weekly draw occurring at 3 PM on Wednesday of each week until the conclusion of the draw on May 5, 2021.

  5. Each weekly draw winner will receive 25% of the weekly sales as their prize.

  6. When purchasing your weekly draw tickets to participate in the event, you will also have an opportunity to participate in our door prize free give away by choosing a number between 1 and 20. This number will entitle you to a chance to win a free prize of cash from the NCC. The NCC is guaranteeing this prize is minimum $300.00 and it may determine this cash prize as 25% of all the sales from the Pick a Number Percentage Draw up to the date of the draw if over $300.00. A separate draw will be done after the percentage draw from numbers 1 to 20 in a bucket. If the number matches the number chosen for the Percentage Draw winning ticket, the Percentage Draw winner will also win the free door prize.

  7. Each number drawn from the free door prize bucket will be removed each week reducing the numbers available to choose for the free draw when you purchase your Percentage Draw Raffle tickets for the next week.

  8. If the door prize is awarded before the last draw date, the NCC may calculate the next door prize as 25% of the remaining draw dates.

  9. If the door prize is not awarded before or at the last draw date, the NCC will draw from all weekly percentage draw tickets that match the free door prize number for the free door prize.




#1 MARCH 3, 2021 1036 Chris Southwick $90.00 1 Not Awarded

#2 MARCH 10, 2021 1118 Doug Hulme $66.25 3 Not Awarded

#3 MARCH 17, 2021 1126 Jill McGlenen $41.25 10 Not Awarded

#4 MARCH 24, 2021 1159 Burnie Smith $45.00 9 Not Awarded

#5 MARCH 31, 2021 1227 Linnia Etmannski $43.75 6 Not Awarded

#6 APRIL 7, 2021 1244 Laurie Rear $60.00 18 NOT Awarded

#7 APRIL 14, 2021 1284 April Mathers $61.25 19 NOT Awarded

#8 APRIL 21, 2021 1344 April Gale-Seixeiro $65.00 7 NOT AWARDED

#9 APRIL 28, 2021 1379 Erik Esleyer $68.75 13 NOT AWARDED

#10 FINAL DRAW MAY 5, 2021 Ticket #1517 Gillian Helpard $158.75 5 DOOR PRIZE AWARDED OF $700.00 as pick a number matched number drawn.

Full rules and regulations attached here. License #127975