Meet Our New Manager

Meet Nanaimo Curling Centre’s new manager, Andrea Trepanier!

Our wonderful manager Denise Wood retired in June after 20 years of being Nanaimo CC’s manager. We will miss Denise very much! We are very fortunate to have an excellent new manager – Andrea Trepanier. Let’s learn a little more about Andrea and her role as club manager.

Andrea has been curling since 1982, when she won Rookie of the Year at the Red Cliff Curling Club in Alberta. She curled in Midway BC, Grande Prairie AB, and Red Cliff AB before joining Nanaimo CC in 2008. At NCC, Andrea curls in Tuesday Business Women’s, Sleeman 6 Pack and Thursday Women’s Open leagues – “as many as I can fit in this year!!”

Andrea’s past job experience includes “working in the restaurant and tourism industry, logging industry, oil and gas industry and sport team management in the hockey industry. All of these were from a financial and managerial perspective and I really enjoyed owning my own industrial instrumentation company while in Grande Prairie, Alberta.” What unique skills does Andrea bring to her new role? “I have spent the past 8 years living in an ice rink during the working hours, which were many in the hockey season, so I know how a rink operates and the demands of a seasonal job.” She adds, “I have numerous fun stories about our hockey fans and I know I will add to that repertoire with the many great folks of the Nanaimo Curling Club.”

We asked Andrea what her new role as Nanaimo CC manager entails, and she responded “It is a big facility that hosts many events, not just curling. Booking and organizing those events and managing the staffing for all events and regular curling are part of my job. Ensuring the ice and equipment are maintained and operated safely and efficiently. Providing service and equipment in our Pro Shop. Maintaining relationships with our facility partner, the City of Nanaimo. Taking instruction and directives from the Board of Directors and following through. Keeping accurate records of all financial matters for the club. Ensuring all of our members have a great experience at our club…..and everything including the kitchen sink if it needs to be done!” If you’re a new curler, Andrea can help you with “registration, choosing an appropriate league for your skill level, coaching (I am a certified coach), assistance with equipment selection and purchases, information about volunteering and membership, tying a shoelace…..” In short, Andrea is our best resource for information and assistance with all things Nanaimo CC.

Andrea jumped right in to her new job, and has already implemented some items that will be noticed by all NCC members. She also has some strong plans for the coming season. “I have spent July and August updating our technology at the club. I hope our members will be happy to be able to use a credit or tap debit card at our bar now, and to be able to register online for their leagues. Inventory management for the Pro Shop is now done through a computerized inventory system. We will provide better, more accessible services throughout the club because of these upgrades. Once our season is in full swing, I hope to focus more on sponsorships in our community and ways to increase our revenue streams so we can more easily afford to upgrade our equipment and maintain our facility.”

While we are very fortunate to have excellent club managers, both past and present, at Nanaimo CC, there are still many opportunities for our members to give back to our community through volunteer work. Andrea notes, “We are always looking for volunteers to help with league organization, bonspiel coordination and program coaching and facilitating. Please contact me any time if you have any interest and I can explain in more detail what these jobs entail. There are also always small projects to maintain our facility that need handy helpers. Never be afraid to ask if there is something you can do to help your club. Every little bit matters.”

Andrea’s current office hours at the club are 10 am to 5 pm weekdays. Her office hours will change once the season starts – keep an eye on our website ( for details. To reach Andrea, call her any time at 250-713-6312 or email her at Or just say hello to her around the club – you will be seeing a lot of her!