Women's Open Thursday

League Rep: 
Sharon Wright 250-758-8921 diwslow@gmail.com
Karen Hungar 250-933-9030 karenhungar@shaw.ca

Thrifty Foods and island Timberlands Sponsored Thursday Ladies League

This league curls eight ends, starting at 1:00 pm and enjoy a coffee afterwards.  Call Sharon the league rep for more information. Rink of choice means you enter with a team of your choice and curl the season with that team. There are usually some teams looking for players and players looking for teams.  This league generally plays a Round Robin format to begin the season and breaks into squares to finish. The two teams eligible for the Ladies Club Championship are determined by total points to a cut-off date ask your league rep when the date is.

There is a wind-up banquet with trophies and prizes at the end of each season.