Sleeman Six Pack

League Rep: 
Dennis Anderson 250-751-2949

“Sleeman Six Pack League” 6 Ends, 6 person teams. Maximum 12 teams (6 sheets).

Monday - 5:45 pm to 7:15 pm.

Enter as a 6 person team.  Enter as a single.  Enter as a couple.  Enter in any combination and we will endeavor to put teams together.

In the Sleeman Six Pack you will curl (on average) 2 out of every 3 weeks. The individual teams can decide.


Besides having fun, this league offers every curler the opportunity to improve technically, strategically and mentally.  So on your  weeks off you can come down to practice and/or receive instruction from one of our certified coaches/instructors - Bob Franklin or Ron Kaneen, You can schedule a video analysis session   Video analysis is one of the best ways to help you visualize and make the transition to the next level.  Making that transition will definitely increase your enjoyment and you'll want to curl even more.

After your game make your way upstairs and check out the selection of Sleeman in our upstairs lounge where you can unwind and socialize.