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Still planning for our 2021-22 season.....check back soon!

Thank you for your continued support of the Nanaimo Curling Club.

Garret Phenix

This league is open to both Novice and Experienced senior women and men. Still planning for our 2021-22 season.....check back soon!

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Chris Price

Still planning for our 2021-22 season.....check back soon!.

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Fall Schedule and Scores

Sylvia Johnson

“Island Time Six Pack League” , sponsored by Longwood Brewery
6 Ends, 6 person teams.
Maximum 14 teams (7 sheets).

Monday - 5:45 pm to 7:15 pm

Dennis Anderson

Leakey & Lewicki Open 2’s and 4’s League

Welcome to our Monday Night Open Fun League at 7:30 pm! We’re so fun, we’re actually two leagues in one! You pick:

The 4’s League: This exciting league includes Regular Play 6 End Games with the added bonus of a few Doubles 8 end games mixed throughout the season. Best of all you don’t even need to know how to play the Doubles, we’ll happily teach you. You may also request not to be scheduled for any Doubles games.

April Gale-Seixeiro

Open to men 55 years of age and older.  Teams drawn from a hat. Curl twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays - mornings at 10:30 am).

Still planning for our 2021-22 season.....check back soon!

Bob Munnik 250-756-9736
Jim Bond 250-585-2294

This league plays at 5 pm on Tuesday afternoons; 6 end games are played. This league is Rink of Choice, you enter as a team.


There are usually some teams looking for players and players looking for teams, please contact your league rep for more information..

The teams eligible for the Ladies Club Championship are determined by league standings, they may also have the opportunity to compete to represent Nanaimo in the Island South Challenge. There is a wind-up banquet & prizes at the end of each season.

Susan Chepil

Rink of Choice 8 end games.

Tuesdays - 6:45 p.m.

“A” and “B” Squares. At the end of each square the bottom 2 teams drop a square and the top 2 teams move up a square. Be sure and check with your league rep if you are unsure of the format so you don’t miss a game.

A wind-up night is held in March for the Men’s teams. Snacks are provided and trophies, vouchers and prizes are awarded.


A very popular league. The age requirement is 50+ for Women and 55+ for Men

Teams are drawn from the hat. Once at the beginning of the season and new teams are drawn after Christmas. Draw time is Wednesdays at 12:40 PM.

The league runs from October to March.

You can join for half a season; Fees are charged accordingly.

Spares are always welcome, if you have not paid dues in a league the spare fees are $15/game; if you belong to one other league spare fees are $5/game; if you are paying dues in two leagues, spare fees are waived.

Terry Miller

This is a competitive open rink of choice league from mid-October to March.

Wednesday 3:15 p.m.

Men must be 55+

Women must be 50+

The Mid-Island Co-op is a cash league. Some games are straight up and others are skins format.

Dan Danylchuk

5 person teams (one player off each week) that play 6 ends. Whether you're a new curler or experienced curler who has just moved to Nanaimo, you are in for lots of fun. You can join with a friend and curl together in this league or come on out as a single and meet some of the greatest people in Nanaimo. This is a great league for those new to the game or new to town and wanting to meet some new people.


Gord Martyn
Cate Barratt

Welcome to the new league for anyone interested in DOUBLES Curling Thursday mornings at 10:30 AM . This new league will start by teaching participants the rules for doubles play and everyone will learn together in a fun environment. Doubles curling can be played with or without sweeping. Register for the whole season or just the Fall session. 10 Games per session. Please contact the league rep if you require further information.

Sheila Barrass

Cottonwood Golf Course Sponsored Thursday Ladies League

This league curls eight ends, starting at 1:00 pm and enjoy a coffee afterwards.  Contact the league reps for more information. Rink of choice means you enter with a team of your choice and curl the season with that team. There are usually some teams looking for players and players looking for teams.  This league generally plays a Round Robin format to begin the season and breaks into squares to finish.

Pat Merkel



This fun, modified mixed league that curls 14 Fridays in the season from 4:15 pm to 5:45 pm for 6 Ends. Open to any level of curler from Beginner to Intermediate. Curlers can enter as a team or as individuals. Teams need to have a mix with at least 1 gender mix to make a team. (No all one gender teams.) Come join the Friday "Fun" League to meet some great people and have fun curling matches!

Chris Southwick

Friday Mixed is a "Rink of Choice" mixed league with an emphasis on a Fun Night of Curling.  Draw time is 6:00 pm.


April Gale-Seixeiro

Sponsored by Wolf Brewing Co.  Bring along yourself and 3 friends and play 5 games in a fun, learning environment. You can also join as an individual or pair and we will place you on a team.   Friday evenings at 8 pm. This is an open league for any combination of players.

Andrea Trepanier

This section is intended for anyone who wishes to try to improve on their own (without using a coach).


Team Responsibilities

Who Does What


Bob Franklin
Ron Kaneen