#11 Tsolum & Tsable Friendly Five Open Classified

League Rep: 
Gord Martyn

5 person teams (one player off each week) that play 6 ends. Modified Mix (no one gender teams) Whether you're a new curler or experienced curler who has just moved to Nanaimo, you are in for lots of fun. You can join with a friend and curl together in this league or come on out as a single and meet some of the greatest people in Nanaimo. This is a great league for those new to the game or new to town and wanting to meet some new people.


It is an Open League and a very social league, with players from all skill levels. Our league's name comes from our sponsor, Tsolum and Tsable Environmental

As a Classified League, teams of five curlers are drawn “out of a hat”, and teams are led by experienced skips. The five curler team format allows each curler to schedule other activities like vacations without leaving the team short-handed, or to have practice time on a curler’s night off (about once per month). If you have played front end for a few years and would like to try playing third or skip, this is a great league for that as well.

In this league you curl with the same team until in the first 11 game square, then new teams are drawn and those teams curl together until the end of the season. We find this is a great way to meet all your fellow curlers over the season. We also have a social night at Christmas and on the last night of the season.

Your league fee comes with the opportunity for one free lesson, to be booked through the office. This is great option if you need to work on your skills.

If this sounds like the league for you, or if you want to be included as a spare, come on down or phone the club, or contact the league rep.

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