#05 Leakey and Lewicki Open 2's and 4's

League Rep: 
Steve Seixeiro

Leakey & Lewicki Open 2’s and 4’s League

Welcome to our Monday Night Open Fun League at 7:30 pm! We’re so fun, we’re actually two leagues in one! You pick:

The 4’s League: This exciting league includes Regular Play 6 End Games with the added bonus of a few Doubles 8 end games mixed throughout the season. Best of all you don’t even need to know how to play the Doubles, we’ll happily teach you. You may also request not to be scheduled for any Doubles games.

The 2’s League: This Doubles 8 End League will have you partnered for the season and have a competitive touch with scores being recorded. This is still a teaching league and open to all players. Teams will also have a few games throughout the year that will not be recorded as these games you will have the opportunity to teach other players in the league the game of Doubles. You may also have a couple of fun Regular play 6 end games when scheduling requires.

How does this league work?

Games and Teams are posted the day of play. Your league Rep will happily assure you play with the players you registered with. Some weeks experienced players will be partnered up with less experienced players to help teach the game. Other weeks experienced players will be teamed up to play other experienced players for a more competitive game while those newer players get a chance to play each other with no pressure felt. No record of wins/losses is kept in the 4’s League, but we most certainly will still have a Fall and Spring Social with a few prizes.

Want flexibility, you’ve got it:

-Have a Team? Part of a Team? Too many team players? Just yourself? This league offers groups of 4, 5, 6, 7 or more the option to sign up and have the opportunity to play with and against each other throughout the season as all players play each week. We also have the flexibility to form weekly teams from those groups of 3 or 2 and individuals which creates a wonderful social environment as you get to play with many of our league players.

-Can’t make each week? No problem, you don’t even need to find a spare, just send an email to the Rep to let them know you’re away.

-New to Nanaimo? Joining late? Just finished a Training League? Welcome! We’d love to have you join us and are more than willing to accommodate you and your friends any time throughout the season.

-‘OPEN League’ That means anyone, any age (families included), any talent level (Olympic level preferred of course, just kidding) is welcome, our only request is a positive and fun attitude!