Curling Paused Indefinitely Due to PHO Order

Hello NCC Members, The Provincial Health Officer issued a detailed order earlier this afternoon, and curling was listed as one of the adult team sports that must be suspended in BC. There is no end date on this order so adult curling is indefinitely on hold. Curl BC has also issued guidance which specifies what may and may not occur at a curling club while the order is in effect.


Our manager and board of directors will work to see if any activity at NCC is feasible during this pause. It is possible that we may be able to hold practice or junior curling but we don’t yet know. Adult leagues and FunCurl will not resume until Dr. Henry lifts the order. The club will remain closed until we’re able to do this analysis.

Obviously this is a big setback for our club, and there are many unknowns. The board and our manager will continue to work to figure out how NCC can best weather this storm. We will keep our members posted throughout this process.
Please expect our next communication around the middle of next week. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Brian McRory
President, Nanaimo Curling Club