Berwick Stickspiel Results

Fun times for all!  Here are the results of the Berwick on the Lake Stick Bonspiel:

A Event
1st Place Ron and Lorna Schwartz
2nd Place Nancy Douglas and Clare Cooney
3rd Place Rich Miller and Ken Calthorpe

B Event
1st Place Karen and Bob Hungar
2nd Place Bob Davies and Nick Ravachew
3rd Place Val Fenton and Howard Maloney

C Event
1st Place Don Boudot and Bob Larsen
2nd Place Cliff King and Brian Scorer
3rd Place Craig Turnbull and Bill Boyko

D Event
1st Place Ron Kulai and Ron Chisholm
2nd Place Daniel Krebs and Mike Jones
3rd Place Rick Kerley and Nels Symbaluk

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all that attended. Special thank you to Merv Osler for organizing and running the event.