Before Your First Game...

This is part 1 of the New Member's Guide, a series of articles that help prepare new club members for their first season.

We are glad you are here and that you have decided to enjoy this amazingly fun sport with us!


Everyone who is interested in curling is welcome at NCC, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


Curling is an extremely adaptive sport. If you are not sure that you are comfortable performing the standard slide delivery, just ask your teammate, skip, league rep, or club manager for suggestions. Delivery sticks are available to deliver the rock from a standing or sitting position. Our club is also accessible for wheelchairs both on and off the ice. The club has an elevator.

Learn to Curl

We recommend that new curlers take our Learn to Curl or Fun Curl program. This will make your curling experience more fun. You’ll learn how to throw the rock like a pro, how and when to sweep, rules of the game, and get introduced to game etiquette. Then, when you join a league, you’ll be all set to enjoy your games with your teammates!

Joining a League

If you have just graduated from a Learn to Curl program, welcome! You have probably joined one of our social leagues. This is a great way to get started with curling and meet new people. Most social leagues have teams with a mix of experienced and newer curlers to encourage learning, keep the teams balanced, and most of all, have fun!

For a list of leagues, go to the Leagues page.
If you have any questions, email our manager at


You may have been borrowing club equipment during Learn to Curl, but now it’s time to consider buying some equipment of your own. At NCC we have the best curling pro shop on the island! Before your first league game, be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes ahead of your draw time to spend some time in the pro-shop getting your equipment. Or, visit the pro shop at an earlier time so you can take your time and even try out the equipment. Bring the shoes you will wear curling so you can get the right-sized grippers and slider. Check out our Club Calendar for pro shop hours.

For more information, see the next article in this series, Equipment Guide For New Members, which gives more detail on curling equipment and makes some suggestions to help you decide on what you want.